The Essential Guide to Temporary Fencing: Uses, Benefits, & Everything You Need To Know

An orange temporary fence set up against wooden poles.

From music festivals to construction sites, temporary fencing plays an important role in maintaining the safety and security of the public. But did you know that this versatile barricade has many other uses beyond just crowd control? 

If you’re an event planner looking for a reliable solution to manage your guest flow or a construction manager exploring ways to protect your job sites, temporary fencing may be the solution to your problems.. 

Types of Temporary Fencing 

Temporary fencing is an essential tool for many industries, including construction, events, and maintenance. Its versatility and flexibility make it the perfect solution for securing a job site, controlling crowds, or protecting the public from hazards. 

Before you fall under the illusion that temporary fencing is only bright orange netting draped around your property, let us give you some more insight on what materials are used in temporary fencing:

  • Fence Panels

These can be made from galvanized steel to form the chain link fence you’re probably very familiar with. Individual panels are yoked together to establish a perimeter around your property.

  • Fence Wraps

For added privacy, a wrap can be added to or used as a temporary fence. These wraps are typically made from knitted polyethylene. The material can be left blank or can feature logos or information about what’s going on behind the barricade.

  • Posts vs. Stands

Panels can be secured with either metal T posts or with stands and sandbags. Both are effective, but T posts are often better in windy conditions, whereas stands and sandbags are useful if you anticipate moving the fence panels around. And if you have known underground utilities along the fence line, stands and sandbags are often most effective.

Why Temporary Fencing is Popular for Both Residential and Commercial Use 

Temporary fencing has risen in popularity as a versatile and cost-effective option for many kinds of environments. Not only is it easy to install and remove, but it can be used in many different situations both in the home and out in public.

For residential use, temporary fencing is ideal for construction sites, pool safety, and when short-term privacy is needed. Meanwhile, commercial entities can utilize temporary fencing for security purposes, crowd control at festivals or concerts, or as a temporary barrier around construction sites. 

Uses for Temporary Fencing

For keeping crowds in or out, temporary fencing is an affordable, durable solution. You can use it for:

  • Private or public outdoor events
  • Vacant properties
  • Construction sites
  • Animal enclosures
  • Securing areas in emergencies

Advantages of Temporary Fencing

When undertaking construction projects or hosting events, it’s important to ensure the safety and security of the site, along with all the people who come in contact with it. Temporary fencing can provide an effective solution to keep projects contained and prevent unauthorized access. 

Using temporary fencing not only creates a safer work environment but also helps maintain the integrity of the project by keeping unwanted visitors out.  Let’s take a look at just a few of the other benefits of temporary fencing.


Whether you own or rent the land that you’re fencing, our temporary solutions offer flexibility. Fencing panels are not only durable–they can be configured in almost any way to follow specific boundaries. 

And customization doesn’t stop there. Temporary fencing also has the added benefit of being customizable in terms of size, shape, and color to fit the specific needs of any job.


Renting temporary fencing from us is a smart choice for those in need of a reliable yet cost-effective barrier solution. Compared to permanent fencing options, temporary fencing offers a more flexible and affordable approach to managing your space. Plus, you don’t have to store the panels when they’re not in use, or transport and maintain them.

Being lightweight and easy to install, temporary fencing is convenient to work with and allows for quick and efficient installation. In all, temporary fencing rental provides a versatile solution that’s efficient in costs, management, and manpower. 

Maintains Compliance

Temporary fencing is an important tool for maintaining compliance with land use regulations. Whether you are a contractor working on a construction project or hosting a large outdoor concert, temporary fencing can help you stay within the parameters of zoning laws and other requirements. 

By installing a sturdy and reliable barrier, you can prevent access to restricted areas, protect workers and pedestrians, and ensure that your event or construction is following local regulations. 

Safety Precautions When Using Temporary Fencing

For any type of fencing, safety should always come first. Taking the proper precautions is essential for establishing a secure perimeter. 

Here are a few best practices to keep in mind when using temporary fencing:

  • Select the right type of temporary fencing for your needs
  • Consider factors like height, stability, and visibility
  • Be sure panels, posts, and wraps are properly anchored
  • Use signage to warn of any potential hazards or restricted areas.
  • Periodically inspect the fencing for damaged or breached areas

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