Temporary Fencing Solutions for Construction Sites: Safety and Security

A crane works in a construction site, seen through a chain link fence

When you think of a construction site, one of the first things that come to mind is a chain link fence surrounding the perimeter, often with some variation of a “Keep Out” sign attached. But have you stopped to consider why these fences are essential in the first place?

Temporary fencing–the chain link fence panels we know so well–is an essential part of any work site. Despite its temporary nature, construction fences do their job well–they keep intruders (bad actors and curious children) out, and they keep your equipment and materials secure. Let’s take a look at how temporary fencing can help in ensuring the safety of construction projects.

Enhancing Safety with temporary fencing

Construction sites are full of hazards that the average person is not equipped to handle. By adding temporary fencing to a work site, it keeps the various building materials, debris, and heavy machinery contained, lessening the risk of it spilling out to public areas.

It also deters curious sorts from wandering onto the site to look around. Preventing unauthorized access greatly reduces the risk of harm that can come from just walking on a construction project can entail. By only allowing professionals on-site, you’re ensuring the safety of those not working on the project.

This isn’t just a good idea for general safety. Bystanders and other non-crew individuals can have significant financial and health setbacks from an injury on a construction site, which can result in major lawsuits. By doing all you can to keep outsiders out, you’re keeping the public safe and preventing court cases.

Preventing Theft & Vandalism in Summit county, colorado

On the other side of the coin, not everyone who would wander onto a construction site is doing so out of mere curiosity. According to Contractor Mag, it’s estimated that the cost of theft from construction sites ranges between $300 million and $1 billion per year.

A construction site has a lot of valuable equipment and materials that are often left out in the open for ease of use. While thieves may not drive off with a crane–though some will–there’s plenty of more transportable options for those looking to steal equipment. With temporary construction fencing, along with other options like authorized entrances, it makes it that much more difficult for thieves to take valuable and essential materials and tools from your site.

Outside of theft, vandalism can be a major problem for construction sites as well. Whether it’s graffiti (including “tagging”) or destruction of property, vandals getting onto a construction site contributes to those thousands of dollars of damages.

Benefits Of Temporary Fencing

The above reasons are why you should have temporary fencing at your construction site, but there’s more reasons why temporary fencing, like our chain link fences, are a great option to ensure safety and prevent theft.


Temporary fencing is an inexpensive option. You can actually rent fencing for your project rather than buying. This saves money and space for storage, since it’s likely your project won’t need permanent fencing once you’re finished.


Chain link panels are easy to install and remove. This saves time and energy from your team, meaning they can dedicate all their focus to the construction work.


Because chain link fencing comes in panels, it’s easily customizable for specific needs and requirements.


Temporary fencing provides a secure barrier that can help to protect individuals and property from trespassers and unwanted visitors.


Despite its temporary nature, temporary fencing is constructed from sturdy materials (i.e. steel), making it durable and long-lasting.


Temporary fencing is highly flexible and can be adjusted to accommodate different landscapes and terrains


Chain link fencing is one of the most popular types of temporary fencing because it offers excellent visibility for security personnel and can help to deter potential intruders. Many customers also chose to add privacy screen, including their company logos as well.


Temporary fencing is lightweight and easy to transport, making it a practical solution for those who need to move their fence from one location to another.

By keeping your site safe and secure with temporary fence panels, you can avoid major financial losses. Temporary fencing will help you prevent theft while ensuring safety on the worksite. That means you can rest easy when your team clocks out for the day.

If you need temporary fencing for your next work project, Strategic Fence has you covered. Check out our selection of fencing for use on and around your construction site, and contact us today for a free estimate.