Protect Your Home From River Runoff

Protect Your Home From River Runoff

River runoff can cost homeowners more than just money. It can be damaging to grass, landscaping, and property. Landscape fencing, crib wall or rain garden can help you protect your yard and keep it looking beautiful.

If you’ve had landscape fencing installed on your residential property by a reputable Breckenridge fence and gate company you are ahead of the curve. An appropriate fence will guard your property by keeping excess water off of your sod and garden areas. If you want to be prepared for the runoff season, keeping up with fence maintenance throughout the year is an easy way to stay stress-free during this time.

If you manage a larger, commercial property with various degrees of elevation, consider a crib wall to keep runoff at bay. A crib wall adds dimension to any commercial property. The wall itself has a washed rock interior which allows excess water to run directly through with no damage. A retaining wall contractor can assist you with any questions about installation of a crib wall.

Usually, landscape fencing is all you need to battle river runoff each spring but if you’re especially worried about it try these other suggestions. The first is called a rain garden. A rain garden is usually planted with native plants and is a specified area in your yard that attracts excess water to soak. Landscape fencing with the addition of a rain garden isn’t only functional but it makes for a very attractive yard.

Having landscape fencing will help you protect one of your most important investments, your home.