Why You Should Consider Helical Piles

Why You Should Consider Helical Piles

Helical piers are used to construct eco-friendly bridges. While Strategic Fence is Summit County’s most popular fencing contractor, we also specialize in the installation of helical piles throughout the area. Also known as “helical piers” or “screw piles,” helical piles are a series of steel plates that are utilized to ensure the integrity of a variety of structures, be it residential, commercial or environmental. What makes helical piles so great? Easy installation and a small work footprint, for starters.

What Are Helical Piles, Exactly?

Helical piles use a relatively small shaft to transfer the load heavy structures onto the pile. While the concept may seem simple enough, helical piles are a huge transition from the old days of supporting foundations in ways which disturb the surrounding landscaping, require an immense amount of digging and cost a fortune.

Fast Implementation

Helical piles are small, yet mighty. Because of their size, helical piles are installed quickly and easily, without the use of heavy equipment such as cranes for transportation or drills for installation. And, since helical piles do the job of securing a foundation on their own, there is no need for concrete or other materials to hold the structure in place. This means that factors such as time and weather are no issue. 

Green Footprint

Typically, foundation construction requires a vast amount of soil cutting and heavy-duty equipment. While this may seem like a given, this type of construction can do a great deal of damage to sensitive areas such as wetlands. This is why it’s a good idea to consider the location of your construction site. If you’re working with environmentally sensitive land, consider opting for helical piles over traditional foundations (even if you are simply restoring an existing structure). Helical piles can be installed with minimal impact on the surrounding land and can be left in for years without damage (even upon removal).


Thanks to easy-as-cake transportation and mobility, you can factor out of the cost of transporting this equipment to your construction site. Additionally, helical piles are easily installed in a short amount of time, unlike other types of foundations. This makes helical pile systems a major money saver. Because helical piles don’t require the use of heavy-duty equipment or setters like cement, there is also a great reduction to clean-up once the project is completed. As for ongoing maintenance and upkeep? Forget about it. Helical piles remain intact for years to come and are removed easily as well. And, if down the road you decide to move your home, business or property, helical piles are easily recyclable. Contact your Colorado fencing contractor for easy transportation to your new job site.

Have more questions about the benefits of helical piles and their array of functionality? Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any more questions, or for a free quote!