Tips For Tearing Down Your Colorado Fence

Make Sure It's Yours

The absolute first thing you should before tearing out your old fence is to make sure it’s actually yours to demolish. While this may sound like we are stating the obvious, many homeowners overlook this important step without realizing. Bottom line: just because a fence looks like it’s surrounding your property, doesn’t necessarily mean it is. This is especially something to look into if the fence existed before you moved into your current abode. Part of the fence may be located on your neighbors’ property–so it’s a good idea to consult them before doing any renovations.

Check Your Neighborhood Zoning Laws

Counties and cities have varying zoning laws –and while these regulations can be quite the hassle, ignoring them can lead to a much bigger inconvenience. Zoning laws, which dictate what landowners can and cannot do with their properties, apply to fences. These laws cover varying aspects of fence construction and condition, including what state your fence is in, how tall it can be, where it can be located, and what materials it can be built with. It’s important to research your local zoning laws so you know what your restriction are when it comes to constructing a new fence to replace the one you are removing. 

Check with Utility Companies

Before you start digging up fence posts, do yourself a favor and call your utility companies –specifically your plumbing and electrical companies. The last thing you need to deal with while going through fencing construction is a damaged electric wire. You will end up with a much bigger mess on your hands and ultimately, a much lengthier and more expensive project. If you’re still unsure after a phone consultation, ask your utility companies to send someone to your home to mark exactly where you should not dig. You can also dial 811 for information on where utility lines are located before you dig in Colorado or any other state!

Have a Plan B for Pets and Children

If your current fence is what gives you peace of mind when your pets or children are sent outside to play, make sure you come up with a viable plan B. From the dismantling phase to reconstruction, the entire process of rebuilding your fence can take weeks, or even months. This can be problematic for homeowners with animals or small children. Aside from not having a safely enclosed area, pieces of splintered wood, nails, boards, etc., can create a dangerous yard for your kids to play in. Make sure whoever is responsible for the fence removal cleans up scraps left behind. It’s also a good idea to consult with your Colorado fencing contractor about short-term fencing options, such as temporary construction fencing.

Consult a Professional

Before you begin tearing down an old fence or making plans to build a new one, it’s a good idea to consult with a local fencing contractor. By speaking with an expert, you can rest assured all the little details will be covered, from checking zoning laws to creating a reasonable timeline for the project to be completed. At Strategic Fence, we offer a myriad of options for styles, material selection and more. We’re the contractors who will make sure your new fence is up and running for summer barbecues–this season. Call us for a free consultation today!