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Timber Retaining Walls

Strategic Fence and Wall Company are Timber Retaining Wall specialists. We have been involved in projects both large and small, from civil construction for roads to small timber planter boxes for flowers and shrubs. We typically use pressure treated landscape timbers that are available in olive green or brown colors. Usually the timbers are 6″ x 6″ we have built walls with 6″ x 8″ or even 8″ x 8″.

Crib Walls

This design is very strong because it is essentially one big box filled with 2″ – 4″ diameter washed rock. The rock allows ground water to pass through the structure and therefore taking hydrostatic forces out of the picture. There is also a large footprint that will restrict any settling. our tallest crib wall to date is 32′ tall.

Solid Walls

Solid Walls are better suited for smaller walls or where there is limited space. Sometimes levels are stepped back and flowers and shrubs are planted to help with visual appeal.


Steps can be incorporated into retaining wall construction or free standing. Handrail systems can be added if desired.