Protect Your Property From Wildlife with Breckenridge Fence and Gate Services

Protect Your Property From Wildlife with Breckenridge Fence and Gate Services

Wildlife is part of what makes living in the Rocky Mountains so special. Spotting a deer or a big horned sheep serves as a reminder that our high country home is unlike any other, and though we exist in our bubbles of civilization, we are still very much in the wild; in someone else’s home.

While our cohabitation with Colorado wildlife is what, in many cases, draws us to the area, it can also become a problem. In fact, it’s becoming a bigger issue throughout the state in places with abundant wildlife; animals are drawn to neighborhoods where they can make an easy meal out of someone’s lawn or garden that isn’t protected with the proper fence and gate services.

Smaller critters like bunnies and voles are prevented from sneaking into gardens and destroying plants and trees with toxic repellents, while larger creatures, such as bears and deer, run the risk of making their way into town and doing damage to landscaping; the result of which is oftentimes euthanasia.

Colorado Public Radio recently reminded us of an unfortunate statistic: 529 bears were euthanized between 2009 and 2013 in the state of Colorado, compared to 173 between 2004 and 2008. Those numbers boil down to population increase – there are more and more people moving into areas once home to exclusively wildlife.

The biggest problem that has come from human and bear interaction is damage to private property, but officials warn the loss of a child could be next if we don’t take precautions.

A recent article in the Estes Park Trail Gazette discusses the increasing bear population in Colorado’s high country. Colorado Parks and Wildlife has urged residents in these areas to be conscious of leaving food attractants out for bears around homes and residential areas.

Wildlife experts say that while bears can smell food from long distances, they look for easy sources. It’s a good idea to throw your summer barbecues in a fenced in area. If you absolutely need to put trash out for a couple days, don’t leave it to rot in an open area where bears and other animals can easily access it.

Instead of relying on harmful sprays and repellents, or a potential call to animal control, proper Colorado fencing is a simple yet elegant solution to the potential threat that wildlife poses to your property. A well-constructed wood or vinyl fence serves as a deterrent to larger animals, and easily installed wire mesh can keep out smaller rodents from digging into your garden.

As a Colorado fencing contractor, we not only understand the importance of constructing a fence that protects everything within it, but that adds the value of your property while enhancing your landscape.

More important than your landscaping efforts, however, are the lives of our pets, children, and the wildlife we share our communities with. An enclosed fence provides peace of mind for your family and benefits the environment.