Fencing for Farmers and Ranchers the Right Way

When it comes to the agricultural and farming community in Colorado, ranchers know how important it is to define property lines and protect their land and animals. Professional Colorado fencing contractors should understand this importance as well. When it comes time to install or replace your agricultural fencing, there are a few key things to keep in mind when enlisting a contractor: 


Property boundaries are always important, but they’re especially important when it comes to large farms and agricultural areas. Your fencing contractor should do their research to determine where your property lines are and carefully install your new fence around the property area. This allows ranchers to communicate with each other over where their boundaries lie, as well as give livestock the proper amount of room for grazing.


First and foremost, your fencing contractor should have experience installing professional grade, high-quality agricultural fencing. After all, you don’t want a fence surrounding your ranch with the strength of a suburban white-picket boarder. Once you determine a contractor with the most expertise, talk to them about fencing materials. Find out if metal or wood fencing is best for your type of property. You may even want to consider electric fencing depending on your livestock. Material selection is so important because it not only keeps your livestock safely enclosed but can prevent wildlife from getting in. This is why the surrounding natural environment of your area should be considered.


Every ranch fence is incomplete without a custom gate. But, don’t just add an entryway for simple comings and goings. Talk to your fencing contractor about the different gate options. Take into consideration what types of machines will be entering the property, whether or not you want an automatic or remote-controlled gate for easy access, and what sort of security system you want on the gate–if any at all. Make sure your new gate is wide enough to accommodate any and all vehicles that need to enter and exit the property. And, above all, don’t hire a fencing contractor that doesn’t also specialize in gate installation.