Buying That Desired Picket Fence

Buying That Desired Picket Fence

You’ve probably heard the term “white picket fence life,” and there’s a reason it’s symbolic with a wonderful lifestyle. Breckenridge fence and gate experts are skilled in designing and implementing the picket fence you’ve always dreamed of. However, before you start calling up Breckenridge fence companies for an appointment, what should you know about picket fences?

First, picket fences come in two design varieties – solid picket and spaced picket. For complete privacy, Breckenridge fence companies will recommend solid, but for a dose of privacy mixed with extra style and openness, space will do.

As far as the material, there’s wood, aluminum, and vinyl. For a short-term and inexpensive option, a Breckenridge fence and gate expert will recommend a wooden picket fence. It’ll stand up for about 3-5 years but will usually have to be fixed or replaced after. Aluminum or vinyl are the low maintenance versions, and the latter will hold up usually for 5-10 years. However, as Breckenridge fence companies will tell you, the wood option is initially much cheaper.

Breckenridge fence companies charge different prices, but on average, the cost for a mid-grade picket fence, including installation, runs between $380 and $480 for 27 linear feet. If you want a Breckenridge fence and gate expert to install higher quality materials, such as aluminum, it’s going to cost you more.

Many picket fences are around 3 to 4 feet high, but skilled Breckenridge fence companies can pull off any size ranging from something smaller to ones that are quite high. It all depends on how you want the fence to work for you.

Before scheduling an appointment with a Breckenridge fence and gate expert, don’t hesitate to call up several Breckenridge fence companies and get free consultations and estimates. It can help you narrow down your options, go for high quality, and save some money.