Three Considerations For Pet Fencing

With summer weather making its debut the opportunity for your dog to spend more and more time outside is here. Our four-legged family members enjoy these active months just as much as we do so it’s important to have dog fencing that is updated and secure. If you’re thinking of updating your pet fencing this summer, consider these three important factors before you break ground on your project

 Durability – this is especially important depending on your local climate. If your dog fencing has to withstand multiple climate changes it will be important to choose a fencing material that can handle snow and rain as well as it can handle sunshine. Fencing for dogs that requires little maintenance is metal chain link fence. This type of pet fencing is ideal for any size of dog and you don’t have to worry about staining or weather protecting it like you would a wood fence. 

 Security – will the type of dog fencing you choose keep your dog in and unwanted animals out? If you have a large breed dog make sure you have a fence that is secure and safe for them. A short cosmetic fence is probably not the answer for big, active dogs that have a propensity for jumping. In this case consider a solid wood privacy fence or wood framed fence with mesh wire panels.

 Aesthetics – our last recommendation when you’re shopping for dog fencing is appearance. Of course it is important to have durable and secure pet fencing but you also want its look to compliment your home and landscape. Fencing for your dog can come in a variety of colors, you can have a custom gate made and many other considerations can be made so your fence is unique and beautiful. 

 Now that you’ve chosen the design, the hard part is over! Find a professional and qualified company to make your dog fencing dreams a reality. Your furry friends will thank you!

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